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How to deal with a negative review of your vacation rentals

Oh no… a negative review! Any day vacation rentals owner wake up with one of this is never a joyful one. It’s obvious that the review will give you a knee-jerk of reaction that will throw you to the defense mode. How could they? Do they have an idea of damage the feedback has caused to my business? This is unacceptable, and we must get it removed.

But wait a second. Take a deep breath and consider what your options are. Remember, there is no any successful company on the planet with no need to deal with unhappy clients.  

So take the pride that you have come this far without one and know that to be concerned is the best trait of a good owner.

That said, you still need to find better damage control measures and maybe use the review to your advantage.

Here are key points that you can follow to reduce the damage caused by the review:

Calm down

The biggest mistake you can do as a vacation rentals homeowner is to respond to the negative review right away with a hasty reaction. It’s obvious when you react too fast you will let your emotions get the best out of you and end up hurting your business even more.

The way you handle hardship in the eyes of your future customers can either add value or detract your business. So, relax and wait until you are calm enough to respond to the comment without being driven by anger.

Get the facts straight

You are so outraged by the negative review because you run the best vacation rentals home business. But, because you are biased, it is good to reference the unfair evaluation by the third party judge. Someone familiar with vacation rentals and has a good moral compass. They might agree with you that the review is not cool but whatever they are complaining about can be a thing you might need to look into.

Reach out

The best way to respond to a negative review is face-to-face but with skills. When you are in a contest of strength vs strength someone will always win, and it should be you. To increase your odds, work with the reviewer and not against them. Ideally, call them and talk to them and do so with a friendly tone. The goal here is both of you to come to an agreement. If everything goes well, you can ask the guest to take down the review (that’s a win).

Respond to the review

If you cannot get the review taken down, then it’s time to respond. This is your big chance but remember, whatever you are saying will be on the public stage, so it’s better to do a few drafts before you hit publish with your final copy.

You should know that your response will be an ad that will attract your future guests. It should consist of appreciation, respect, confidence and direct to the point. Always remember to respond to the situation with reasons and assure them you will address the situation appropriately.

Thinking of it, a negative review is always bound to happen so don’t take it as the end of the world. Consider it a builder of character and accept it happened for the better.

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