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10 elements to include in your vacation rental welcome book

A vacation rental welcome book saves your guests time looking for important information about your property and the area around your property.

We present to you 10 most important things to include when you create your welcome book…

1. Greetings/Welcome Letter

A paragraph or two about you and your property so your guests have an idea who you are. You can include your photo if you want. Thank them for choosing your property and welcome them warmly. You can also mention what you love about the area and wish them an enjoyable stay.

2. Check-in and Check out Information

If you are sending a digital copy of your welcome book, the check-in and check out information along with the directions how to get to your short-term rental property is very helpful. Also include the phone number and address of your property from the nearest bus station or airport.

3. House Rules

Whether your vacation rental is a B&B or a small apartment for one family,  your guests need to know what the rules and regulations are beforehand. By having them clearly communicated you will not surprise your guests if you suddenly charge them extra for the use of pool, parking or late check out. Also include the cleaning schedule, the garbage collection point, and any more crucial details.

4. “How-to” Instructions

You already know how to use your thermostat, kettle, turn on the Wi-Fi, how to operate the DVD player or a cable TV. However easy those seem to you they might be different from what your guests are used to in their homes. They will definitely appreciate if you include “how-to” instructions in your vacation rental welcome book, and additionally you will save a lot of time not having to explain those elements every time.

5. Community Rules

Not only does your vacation rental has rules but so does usually the community or building where it is located. The rules may include the noise level after certain hour, smoking, pets, parties, etc. Providing such information will prevent any problems between your guests and your neighbors.

6. Things to Do

What kind of activities are available near your vacation rental? Is there a city tour bus or walking tours? What if your guests like sports, are there any activities possible near your property? You can also recommend your personal favorites. Your guests might discover a new experience because of this.

7. Places to Visit

What are the famous landmarks, historical places, museums, or interesting places to visit near your area? Include the markets, souvenir shops, beaches, and all other areas of interest .

8. Where to Wine and Dine

Your guests would love to try the local food or experience the nightlife in your area. Give your Top 10 recommendations where to eat and what kind of food to try as well as the clubs and bars that locals frequent. It also helps to include the price so your guests know what to expect.

9. Emergency Information

You don’t want anything to happen to your guests but sometimes there are things you can’t control. Placing the phone numbers of the local police, hospitals near your area, fire department, etc. in your vacation rental welcome book will come in handy just in case.

10. Special Extras

To make your guests truly welcome in your hotel or vacation rental, include information where to find bargains and discounts when shopping, convenience stores in case they want to buy something at night, gas stations from the airport to your property, and all other “insider” information that your guests might need.

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