5 reasons why you need a Channel Manager

5 reasons why you need a Channel Manager

Are you wondering if Channel Manager is really something you need for your reservations management? The Hospitality industry experts say that Channel Manager is an invaluable tool for any property it today’s travel market. We present to you 5 key reasons why you need a channel manager for a smooth reservations management….

Why was Channel Manager created at all?

Channel Manager is a relatively recent concept that has quickly become an essential to any hotelier. Regardless of the property size or location, it has now become widely accepted that OTA’s (Online Travel Agencies) control today’s travel market. Just two OTAs – Booking.com and Expedia – control a tremendously big portion of all online hotel bookings, with their collective market share forecast to reach to 94% by 2020.

It is simple: to be visible you need to be listed on the top online booking websites. Hoteliers and property owners found it increasingly difficult to control their availability and pricing across multiple sites, this where Channel Manager came into play to solve this problem.


1. Automation of your daily work (aka Time Saver): Channel Manager will update your availability and rates in as many OTAs as you require at the same time. This means that you won’t need to manually update your inventory on each channel every time you get a booking, and your rates will be controlled from 1 “control centre”, instead of multiple systems, saving you hours of manual work.

2. Better control over pricing: Have you ever had a discrepancy in pricing from one online channel to another? Was this a manual error in copying the rates to another system or simply you gave up maintaining updates on all the OTAs you work with simply because of the time required? Channel Manager will come in handy as it allows you to maintain all the rates in one system. Not only you will save time, but also your prices will be correct and unified. Interesting! Some systems such as Nuevah will also allow you to automatically link rate plans, so you may set up a % variance in between rate plans to account for changes in commissions that the OTAs charge.

3. Say goodbye to Overbooking: This is one of the most crucial elements for your wallet and customer retention. Without a Channel Manager it is very easy to receive an overbookings simply because you might not be quick enough to update your availability in all of the OTAs that you use. This is particularly difficult for small and medium hotel establishments where you haven’t got enough back-up rooms to offer to your “overbooker” guest. Channel Manager will take care of the updates of your inventory in real time the change is made.

4. More visibility across the globe = More reservations: Channel Manager allows you to take advantage from a variety of reservation channels (OTAs) around the globe, allowing you to reach not only domestic guests but open up to the international audience (List of the most popular OTA’s – connections available with Nuevah)

5. Competitive Advantage: Now small and medium independent hotel establishments can get a better online presence and stand in direct competition with big hotel chains. Not so long ago Channel Manager was only accessible for big players mainly due to its price, now providers such Nuevah bring a complete and reliable tool built for smaller hoteliers and tailored to their wallets.

Channel Manager is now an essential tool any hotelier should take aboard to be able to compete and grow, don’t stay behind!

“I tried many channel managers before I found Nuevah, it is a perfect solution that helps me every day to run my 26 units boutique hotel effortlessly. I love how reliable the Channel Manager is, and Nuevah team has helped me to understand how to optimize my daily work and rates. Really, big thank you Nuevah!” Martin Padilla

Nuevah system is the leading solution built especially for independent hoteliers and property owners, equipped with the new generation Channel Manager, also available on mobile apps. Join our happy customers:

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