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Top 6 amenities of short-term rental apartments

We have asked 100 of the most successful property owners and hoteliers about what amenities make a difference for them. Take a look and feel free to use their tips to keep your guests happy and get more reservations coming!

With so many temporary rental apartments out there, competition is about to get even more fierce. To be on a safer side, you need to have your rental apartments differentiate themselves in the market. One of the most fabulous ways of doing this is by offering the exceptional amenities. These amenities will range from essential to luxury, and will definitely boost your ratings. Check them out…


  1.    24-hour check-in

Nobody loves limitations especially the constraints of when you should and should not check-in to a property. Your property should have a 24-hour check-in system so that guests can arrive at anytime. This doesn’t mean that you should be available 24 hours a day to avoid inconveniencing them. Just set up an automated check-in system that is convenient for both of you.   

  1.    Full kitchen

Over 60% of the travellers confirm that the main reason why they rent a vacation property is that they are able to cook their own food. You should take advantage of this situation and provide your rental houses with enough cookware. If you are not able to provide a full kitchen, you can use a kitchenette with features that are most convenient to your guest (stoves, microwaves, kettle, and a good coffee machine!)

  1.    Outdoors space

Whether it’s earning you rent or not, a place to get fresh air is essential. Terraces and balconies enable your guests to have the outside environment where they can sit and enjoy the sun, read a newspaper or have a barbeque. If your focus customers are mostly families, you should have enough space where they can gather around and have a communal setting.

  1.    Washer and dryer

This amenity satisfy most people including millennials as they help them to keep up with their laundry even when they are away from their homes.  If you don’t offer that in your property, let them know an alternative like a nearby laundrette where they can have their clothes cleaned. Give clear directions to your guest to ensure they have a good time with their overall stay in your property.

  1.    Pet-friendly

This is one of the most popular amenity sought after by a lot of guests. Many people own a pet and not being able to accommodate their small family member will mean the loss of potential clients. Take this opportunity and open your rentals to pets. You can include a little fee to cover the extra cleaning cost.

  1.    Pool

Everyone loves an unwinding poolside on a warm day and if you enjoy it yourself, there is no reason not to have one in your property. Installing a pool will add a significant value to your property so if you can keep up with the maintenance cost, you should definitely consider investing in one.  


If you have a vacation rental that is not getting the attention it should, investing in a few of these amenities will significantly help it to keep up with the competition. It doesn’t have to cost too much, but if you offer something that gives an extra value to your guest you can be sure they will be back with their friends and family.

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