Self-check-in options for your vacation rentals

Check-in options shouldn’t be stressful for you or your guest. Ideally, it is an easy procedure. You just need to attend to your clients and hand over the keys. However, hiccups like bad weather, heavy traffic, or flight delays are inevitable and will remain to be drawbacks that you can’t control. We present to you some great options of how to make the self check-in process smooth and easy for you and your guests. 

Remember, there is no second chance to the first impression so you need check-in options that won’t disappoint your client.

What should you do then?

Here are several check-in options that you can consider to automate your check-in procedures:

  1.    Lockbox

This is a method that has been around for years and has served as a great way to automate check-in procedures.

You are required to buy lockboxes from a hardware store and install them in a place where guests can easily access. You then provide your guest with the box combination and the location at arrival and everything is set.

This option will save your time and resources as don’t need to always attend to your guest personally for the procedures. However, it has a few disadvantages and one of them being to lack convenience and being out of place in the modern world.

  1.    Electronic Locks

This approach upper the ante by issuing electronic codes instead of keys. The electronic codes allow you to set multiple code entry so it is easy to generate a code for each guest.

The check-in option is a bit expensive compared to the lock boxes but it’s quite advantageous because you are assured that your client won’t be having the troubles of losing keys so you can save the extra cost of replacing locks or generating new keys.

  1.    Smart Locks

There is another approach, which will not only set the tone for your guests to stay but also make the check-in processes easier for you and your guest.

Smart lock easily eliminates almost all of the problems associated with the check-in and checkout processes. It gives you the ability to control and track who accesses your property and uses time sensitive access code that you can easily adjust from anywhere.

You can easily grant access to your guest before check-in where they just need to have a smartphone.

With some many advantages, the smart locks still have their downside. The fact that they require the use of smartphones, guest with no access to the devices or maybe their batteries have died will have rough times to get access to the house.

Even with that, the solution still remains to be the best vacation rentals check-in options. You can have complete control of your property from your device.

That said, you can use NEUVAH platform to bring the best mobile solutions to your business. The System will allow you to improve guest relations and reduce the tasks that require too much effort by having everything in just one simple panel.

And because we understand that you need to have enough time to focus on the marketing strategies, we have made everything associated with short-term rentals easy by automating them. Visit our website to learn how you can use our product to make your business stand out among your competitors.

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