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Hacks to Get More Direct Bookings on Facebook for Your Vacation Rental

The vacation rental industry is a dog eat dog world. But on the upside, it’s also the most profitable and the fastest growing with a projected growth of 8.0% by 2022. As of the moment, the total annual revenue of vacation rentals throughout the world is $35,969 million. Now, if you want to get a bigger piece of that, you need to get more direct bookings. And when we say that, we mean specifically about focusing on direct bookings on Facebook.

If you’re a vacation or short-term rental owner, you might probably have tried going to Facebook, created your own Facebook page, and posted regularly. However, you have become more frustrated than ever because your bookings haven’t increased nor your revenue.

Utilizing the Power of Facebook, The Right Way

As much as Facebook is a good platform to market your vacation rental, there’s a wrong and right way of marketing on this social media network. So if you want your vacation rentals to get more direct bookings through Facebook, here’s how to do it.

The 80/20 Rule

Those who have mastered Facebook marketing abide by what they call the 80/20 rule in order to succeed. It constitutes 80 percent engagement posts and 20 percent sales posts. That clearly means that when you want to attract people on Facebook, you need to engage them rather than sell to them.

The explanation to the rule is simple – your website exists primarily for your customers. If they cannot find anything interesting than the 10 percent discount you’re offering, they will not care.

The Rules of Engagement

The copies you post plays a vital role in your success in getting direct bookings on Facebook. Unlike other platforms, Facebook favors copy that is short and sweet. Although there are no rules as to how long the posts should be, short and enticing posts perform way better than long ones. You might see an exception to this rule, but they seldom happen in the travel niche.

Images Matter a Lot

Here’s a secret: your content might not be that exceptional but if it has an eye-catching or interesting image, it will still perform well. That’s because we are, by nature, visual creatures and we are drawn to anything that catches our fancy, especially on Facebook.

You can post interesting places around your vacation rental. You can also ask your guests to post their holiday prints. For more high-quality pictures, you can ask local photographers to provide images in exchange for a photo credit and a link to their portfolio or a small fee.

Booking directly on Facebook

Let’s say you’ve done every recommendations above but how does it actually help you get more direct bookings on Facebook. Simple – you need a booking engine that can be embedded on your Facebook page.

Nuevah’s booking engine gives you two options how to do that – the embedded booking engine and the “Book Now” button opening the booking engine in a new tab.

This is an invaluable tool for keeping the guests as it lessens the possibility of them from looking for other options on other pages. They can book directly and chat with you at the same time if they have questions or doubts. It’s a win-win: commission-free booking for you, more comfort for your guests.


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