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How to choose the best channel manager for your short-term vacation rental?

Accommodation owners know that it is crucial to market on more than just one platform, but management across various online channels is serious work.

A channel manager helps you streamline prices, availability, and reservations across multiple platforms in one place. It sends vital information to your booking engine and OTAs giving you time to focus on your guests’ stay. 

With a channel manager, now also the short-term vacation rental owners and not only hotels can automate the time-consuming daily tasks. The time, effort, and embarrassment you can save are enough motivation to seek the best channel manager for your properties…

Selecting from Hundreds of Channel Managers

Choosing the best channel manager can be quite overwhelming, therefore, you need a guide to help you find the channel manager that fits your business needs best.

Here are some tips on how to choose the best channel manager for your short-term rental property:

  1. Complete Integration – PMS and Channel Manager

Managing short-term rentals means that you are often on the go, meeting guests at different apartments and locations. This is why you need to aim to have only one platform to manage all your reservations and properties instead of separate systems for property management and channel management. When selecting your channel manager provider check if it’s an all-in-one central reservation system. Avoid complexity!

  1. Connect with at least 10 OTAs

A channel manager should help you market your rooms on as many channels as possible. Most channel managers work with the top platforms such as and Airbnb, however not all providers will give you the full online visibility. Try to diversify and pick a channel manager that will integrate you with at least 10+ online booking channels. It is a good idea to be present on both local channels and big international distributors such as Expedia group.

  1. Compatible with your Booking Engine

Direct Bookings are a very important part of your business. To avoid relying 100% on external OTAs make sure that your channel manager offers a Booking Engine on your website or that you can integrate with your current booking system provider.

  1. Budget Compatibility

Before you give your credit card information, ensure that the price quote includes all your requirements. Additional channels and features may come at an extra cost. Clarify frequency of payment as well.

There are channel managers that charge hefty commission fees (even 5%!) and have a high setup cost. Make sure you explore your options before committing to anything. If your gross income is substantial probably the best option is a fixed monthly fee.

  1. User-Friendliness and Support

If you fear a steep learning curve, go for a system that is not too complex. Better, go for a channel manager that offers reliable support, good knowledge base,  tutorials, and training pre and post setup.

  1. Analytics Tools and Reporting

A smart channel manager is results-oriented. You should be able to utilize the system to analyze your performance across  channels, see where you get most bookings from, understand the pricing patterns and learn how to optimize your rate strategies to get more bookings.


The ideal channel manager will depend on your strategy and business needs. A seamless integration is vital as well as reporting tools to keep you on top of channel and property management. Nuevah is a complete solution designed for short-term vacation rental owners, property managers and small hotels. In one mobile calendar you can manage all your reservations and online listings, hassle-free and with more time on your hands.

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