How to deliver an Exceptional guest experience

A happy guest is a returning guest, and a guest that will leave you an amazing review. Getting a good feedback online is now one of the most important elements to boost your business and stand out in the hospitality industry. Therefore, delivering an exceptional guest experience is an absolute must.

Vacation rentals have been taking over the hospitality industry, with privately owned apartments and villas getting more popular and therefore more competitive. Travelers seem to look for something more than a basic hotel experience with just a place to sleep. Trends are changing, and today’s guests are seeking to get a real local experience out of their stay.


In this article we show you some of the greatest tips that we gathered from the most successful property managers for you to give an incredible experience to your guests.


Know your guest – Be close to your guests

The more you know about who is coming to stay at your property, the more you can positively surprise your guests by delivering everything they wish for. Make sure you understand your guests needs before they arrive. Are they a family or friends? Are they travelling with kids or animals? What is the purpose of their trip? Being close and engaging with your guest before the arrival date always helps to build trust and a good relationship. Moreover,  statistics show that travelers always favor hosts who are available almost 24/7 to improve their stay.


Greeting – Welcoming

First impressions are always important. A very good way to create a good first impression is to surprise your guest with little details they are not expecting. Being creative and original always improves the experience. It could be a personalized welcome letter wishing them a great stay or a complementary basket with some local goods they will definitely enjoy.

Remember that knowing your guest is the key to ensure a good first impression. A prepared host can adapt to guests requirements and please them with a customized addition or detail. Small details that do not cost you much will make a difference. Prepare some candies for families with kids,  or a work space with pen and paper for business travelers. Customizing always improves the guest-host relationship.


Local recommendations and tips

Tourist information, guest welcome pack

A very easy way of improving guest experience is by providing them with tips and recommendations of the area. As a host and a local you know the best places to eat, coffee shops, bakeries, clubs, main attractions etc. Sharing this information will improve your guest stay by 200%.  Include the recommendations in the welcome basket as a letter or a brochure.


It is as easy as it sounds, showing your guests you care about them, paying attention to details, getting to know them more, giving them your own personal recommendations and welcoming them in a proper way will definitely improve your vacation rental and boost your business.

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