How to make your short-term rental apartments attractive for business travelers

Business travelers are the type of customers that any hotelier or apartments owner would like to attract. They often have big pockets and tend to be returning guests!  

Just like leisure travelers, corporate guests look for a comfortable and convenient stay. However, unlike leisure travelers, they need certain additional elements that might be tricky but not impossible to fulfill. Read up to see how to please your business guests.

Here are the most important 4 things you should prepare to attract the corporate guests in your Apartments:

  1. Accessible transport and parking

Business travelers look for accommodation that makes their trip comfortable after a long day of work. They are not there to explore the area but to get their business done. The key will be a parking close by or a convenient location reachable by public transport. Their stay tends to be short, so they most definitely do not want to spend time looking for parking or struggling with getting to the office.

If your property is not near a train or metro station you can offer private transfer services that they can order with an additional fee. You should also be able to give them a parking space if they happen to come by car.

  1. Give recommendations for the best restaurants in your area

Nothing is more frustrating than going around looking for a place to grab a bite, especially after a long day of work. To cover this, as a good hotelier you need to provide your guests with some recommendations. Suggest good places to have a nice meal and drink, potentially leave some menus of befriended restaurants. Also leave directions to nearby grocery stores or supermarkets where they can get quick supplies during their stay.

You will be doing your guests a huge favour as they will have more time to focus on their work rather than worry about where and what to eat.

  1. Set up a workspace

Most traditional hotels have a desk in a room. If you are a vacation rental business you can consider adding a small workspace too. This is a small addition that will definitely be appreciated by your corporate clientele.

Additionally, a lot of business guests booking in groups require a dedicated place where they can meet and collaborate on projects. This is your chance to make your property more appealing and stand out from the competition: set up a meeting space where your guests can work comfortably and interact with their associates.

  1. Make comfort and relaxation a priority

We all know that working all day isn’t easy and everyone prefers a comfortable place to go and relax after a long day at work. Be it a cozy couch in front of a fireplace, a relaxing hot tub, or even a TV screen with a subscribed Netflix in the living room. Those details will mean a great deal to your business guests. Whatever it is, just make it easy to use and offer more comfort.

Business travelers are a great type of guests that any property would like to keep. Now more than ever, they are seeking after apartments for rent rather than hotel rooms. As a short-term rental property manager you have a lot to offer to attract this niche market. Use the 4 tips and let us know about the results!

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