Miracles of Facebook Messenger for Small Hotels

In the past Facebook Messenger was just a way to chat with friends and keep in touch with relatives. However, today things have changed, hotels and vacation rental owners are using this tool to interact with their guests and generate more bookings.

With consumers sending over 1 billion messages to businesses a month, any small hotel owner must take this opportunity to connect with their target audience. Here are a few things this tool will help in your property management to keep up with the competition and convert your chats into bookings.

Streamline interactions with your guests 

Let’s face it, many forms of communications in the hospitality industry are tedious for both you and your guests. Good news is, Facebook Messenger is not among them. It comes with features like messaging bots that are advancing every day to give a full-featured experience. This way your guests will not feel ignored while waiting.

Also, Facebook Messenger allows your customers to connect with you on a personal level. You can answer their concerns privately, so in case of any difficulties you don’t have to worry about the information ruining your property’s reputation.

Convert your chats into bookings

Statistics show that in the next two years, 53% of people who have a chat with a business will be likely to make a purchase.

Don’t miss this opportunity and make an instant connection with your potential guests. Make sure that your Book Now button links to your Internet Booking Engine, or even better embed the booking engine in your facebook fanpage. That way your guests won’t even have to leave facebook. Nuevah offers a booking engine that can be easily integrated with facebook.

Improve the communication

With the use of Facebook Messenger, your guests can communicate with you prior and after making the reservation. It also allows you to send pictures, videos, files, and links. This will greatly help you communicate essential details to your guests before their arrival.

Bottom line

Customers are getting tired of the traditional messaging and emails. They are finding it difficult to interact with properties in real time.  For this reason, smart hoteliers use facebook messenger to increase their revenue and direct bookings. With the use of platforms like Nuevah, you can embed your booking engine directly into your Facebook page and assist your guests in the booking process using facebook messenger.

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