giving your guests a five-star experience

The secrets of giving your guests a five-star experience

Receiving and maintaining a five-star rating for your hotel or vacation is not an easy task. It requires a lot of hard work and investment. You might not have this rating yet but it doesn’t mean you can’t start giving your guests a five-star experience in your hotel or vacation rental property.

If you’re wondering what the secret is to achieve that, there’s no secret but just plain, old, practical wisdom you might already know or practicing already…

Pay attention to the little details

Forgetting or not paying attention to the little details happen to most of us. As a vacation rental manager this is a bad habit to develop because these little things can also make or break how people view your property.

These “insignificant” things could be a smile they receive at the reception desk, the texture of your linens, or the temperature of the room. They might not seem to matter separately but when combined together, you are giving your guests a five-star experience. Therefore, if one of these elements is missing, it will affect the overall experience.

Prepare a welcome package in their room 

A welcome package does not need to be expensive. It can be coffee, water, a bottle of wine, candies or chocolate. You can go a notch higher by personalizing your gift.

If your guests have kids, you can include a small treat for kids like candies or small stuffed toys. If your guests inform you that they will arrive at night, delivering or placing hot towels in their room to freshen up while resting after a long trip makes a great difference.

How can you know what your visitors want?

You can conduct a small survey or questionnaire after they book your place. It will only take them a couple of minutes and it will definitely benefit both your guests and you.

Be flexible and responsive

Not all guests are the same. Some guests will have special requests or needs because their disability or allergy. You have to be proactive in offering amenities or services that will make their stay comfortable and smooth.

Remember: by paying attention to what your guests need you are not just giving your guests a five-star experience but you also build a relationships. If your guests feel you put in some value in the relationship they will surely recommend your property and will come back again. It’s worth a try!


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