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Using Instagram to Boost Your Vacation Rental Bookings

Instagram just hit 1 billion subscribers, a vast place where you can engage customers and prospects alike. Statistics say that 80 percent of the social engagement on Instagram is location based; thus as a property owner, it makes sense to utilize its power not only to promote brand awareness but also to boost your vacation rental bookings.

Why an Instagram Page?

Here are other reasons why your hotel or short-term vacation rental should have an Instagram page:

Instagram Makes the Images of Your Property Rental Come to Life

Instagram photos go beyond travel brochures. Although professionally shot photos are incomparable, guests are more drawn to the rawness of the pictures they see on their Instagram feeds when they research for an upcoming travel.

Seeing how other people share their travel experiences, the local scenery, culture, and local people paint the backdrop for travel daydreams.

IG Builds on the Dream Escape

The IG of hoteliers and vacation rental owners should focus on guest experience.That’s because this generation is more on sharing the experiences through photos and videos.

So if you want to boost your vacation rental bookings, focus more on creating a “personality” for your property rather than being too over salesy.

Paint a lifestyle, a sweet escape, or an enticing journey that captivates your audience through photos taken by you or your guests.

Be Instagrammable

Guests want to see more than just the exteriors and interiors of your accommodations. Quirky furniture, unique artwork, patterns, cozy corners, and great natural/warm lighting meet your guest’s eye to eye. These are the features that make your accommodation Instagrammable.

Use custom signs and hashtags to encourage social media engagement. Most importantly, make your accommodation clutter-free and more neutral. It helps if you keep family photos out of sight unless you own a historical accommodation.

IG is Great for Promotion

Hashtags can also help boost your vacation rental bookings.   How?

General hashtags like #vacation and location-based hashtags like #vancouver allow accommodation owners to market to a broad demographic. Business profiles on IG also have features that would enable guests to contact you directly on your IG profile.

It also has analytics that helps you create targeted personas for better marketing to guests more likely to book an experience in your abode.

So if you want to boost your vacation rental bookings, now is the time to curate a share-worthy feed that paints a dream stay and focuses on guest experience.

Don’t forget to tell guests that stay with you that you have an IG account and encourage them to share their experience with your hashtag.

Like, comment, and regram your guests’ stay to encourage more followers! Good luck!

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